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How do I install the framegrabber drivers on Windows?

On Windows computers, the frame grabbers use the drivers provided by the manufacturers. See the Drivers page for links to download either from MobileRobots or directly from the manufacturer of the framegrabber. If the frame grabber seems to be malfunctioning, check the Device Manager in the Hardware tab of the System control panel for its status. Contact Support if you need to reinstall the driver.

Note: if, rather than a PC-104 or PCI framegrabber card, you have an ethernet image acquisition device (e.g. Vapix) or IEEE-1394 (Firewire) or USB camera, standard Windows drivers should be automatically loaded with no configuration necessary. MobileRanger C3D stereo cameras use their own PC-104 interface card and are not standard video devices, though the images are available. See the MobileRanger C3D Stereo Camera pages for drivers and more information.

For the framegrabber to work in ACTS, SAV Server, and some other programs, DLL files must be copied from the framegrabber CD-ROM into either the Windows system root directory, or the same directory as a program that needs them (e.g. ACTS/bin):

  • For the PXC card, copy these 5 dll's (available from the PXC driver installation) into one of the aforementioned directories:
  • For the Imperx VCE, copy VCE_Tools.dll.
  • For the Sensoray 311, copy SX11.dll.
  • For the Hauppauge Impact VCE, copy O100VC.dll from the driver CD.

If you need an extra PCMCIA frame grabber for a laptop computer running Windows, contact for more information.

Image acquisition API

For options on capturing images in your software, see Capturing Video.

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