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To change ethernet settings in Windows, right click on "My Network Places" and select properties. Then right click on the interface (connection) you want to configure and again select properties. Double click the TCP/IP line and you will see a window where you can alter the IP address, etc. Consult your network administrator for specific settings.

If using the Mamba Onboard Computer, the primary ethernet port, "Local Area Connection", is J15 on the computer board, and is either connected directly to the robot's external ethernet port, or to an ethernet switch if using multiple ethernet accessories; the secondary ethernet port, "Local Area Connection 2", is J12 on the computer board, and is either unused, or used for an ethernet accessory (e.g. laser rangefinder, camera, etc.)

If using the Cobra Onboard Computer, typically only one ethernet port is enabled, J1 on the computer board. However, if the second ethernet port is enabled in the BIOS configuration, then note that J0 will be the primary ethernet port ("Local Area Connection"), and J1 will be the second ethernet port ("Local Area Connection 2").

To change the wireless connection settings, run the client utility for the type of wireless card you have. There will usually be an icon in the system tray.

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