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Versalogic Cobra EBX-12 Onboard Computer

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Cobra EBX-12 computer (later revision with red board; earlier revisions had green boards)

Contact us for support, including any problems with the computer, additional drivers, or detailed specifications not found in the manual.



General information is available at


Download the EBX-12 computer manual at



Pentium M 745 1.8 GHz


12V. Uses approx. 12-25W.


Onboard ethernet are two Intel 82551 ER interfaces (also called "Fast Ethernet 100 PRO" or "E100").

Download Windows drivers here; or use the bundle provided by Versalogic (see below).

Note, on most computers, MobileRobots has disabled the secondary ethernet interface (to improve IRQ compatability with some other devices which are sensitive to conflicts), and provided an external port for the primary ethernet interface. To enable the second port, enter the BIOS configuration on computer boot. However, on the EBX12, this will result in the external ethernet port on the robot now being the secondary port on the computer, with the unconnected port on the computer motherboard now being the primary.


Onboard graphics chipset is Intel 82855 GME ("Extreme Graphics 2"). Drivers for Windows are available at; or try the bundle provided by Versalogic (see below).


Analog Devices AD1981 in Intel 810 chipset, AC97 codec.

On Windows, use this driver:

On Linux using ALSA (most current versions of Linux), use the included snd_intel8x0 and snd_ac97_codec kernel modules (in addition to snd_pcm etc.). If using plain OSS (older versions of Linux), use the i810_audio and ac97_codec kernel modules.

On Linux set "Line" as the recording channel for input, and adjust "IGain" to adjust recording level.

See Linux Audio Drivers and Audio levels, recording and playback on Cobra EBX-12 computer for more information.

Or, for drivers try the bundle provided by Versalogic (see below).


The computer has two IDE/ATA interfaces for disk drives. MobileRobots provides a 120 GB disk drive connected to the primary IDE/ATA interface as master device on that interface (i.e. primary master or IDE 0).

The computer also has a slot on the back of the board for a CompactFlash (CF) solid-state storage device. The interface for this disk is also IDE/ATA. See Versalogic Cobra EBX-12 Compact Flash for details.

Digital I/O

The computer has digital and analog I/O. This can be used easily on Linux by loading our amrio Linux kernel driver module, then use the ArVersalogicIO class in ARIA to get and set the state of the I/O via the amrio driver (and its /dev/amrio device interface). (No Windows driver support is available for built in digital IO. For general purpose digital IO, we recommend using a third party add-on card, USB or serial device.)

Optional Audio and USB cables

Audio cabling and USB on Cobra EBX-12 computers are not provided by default. We do offer them for sale (Contact Sales), or you can add them yourself. Pioneer 3 DX and AT robots with Cobra computers and top-mounted SICK lasers do have an external USB port connected to the computer however. Information on connectors and drivers for you motherboard should be located on the manufacturer website for best results. See Manuals.

Operating System Notes

It is not possible to install Windows 7 or later on the Cobra EBX-12 computer (Windows 7 requires a full ACPI implementation, which the Cobra does not include). You must use another operating system instead, such as Windows XP or Linux.

Misc. Notes

  • To boot from a CD-ROM, the CD must use the El Torrito format. See Connect and boot from CD-ROM drive on Versalogic Cobra EBX-12 computer for more information.
  • The Cobra's Pentium M CPU does not fully support SSE3 instructions, so don't enable SSE3 when compiling (e.g. with GCC/G++, don't use -msse3, -msse4, and don't use -march, -mcpu, or -mtune options for specific CPUs such as atom or core2.) Programs compiled with SSE3 will encounter Illegal Instruction errors at runtime.

Versalogic Driver Bundles

Versalogic provides bundles with a set of drivers for various components of the Cobra computer for Windows XP at

There is no similar Linux bundle; the standard Linux drivers work for the most part.

Product Information

Replaced by (except on Patrolbot)
Versalogic Mamba EBX-37 Onboard Computer
Part Numbers
For Patrolbot: ACT0012
For Pioneer/Peoplebot: ACT0012 (discontinued)
For Seekur: ACT0300 (PC#1), ACT0301 (PC#2), ACT0302 (PC#3 plus additional power supply and ethernet switching), ACT0303 (PC#4), ACT0304 (PC#5). (discontinued)
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