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The Versalogic Cobra EBX-12 Onboard Computer includes an interface for a Compact Flash (CF) solid state storage device on the underside of the board. A CompactFlash storage device on this interface will appear as an IDE/ATA storage device, as the master device on the second IDE bus (secondary master). (However, secondary slave can be selected by changing a jumper on the board, see the computer manual.) In Linux it will be /dev/hdc or /dev/sdc . The CF module must be IDE compatible.

Versalogic has tested and approved some CF modules as working well with the Cobra EBX-12. See for a list. You may need to disable UDMA to use some of them.

Important Note Note that the CF slot is on the back side of the Cobra EBX-12 motherboard. Insert the CF card with its top label facing away from the back of the computer board. It is possible to insert the CF device upside down if not careful, possibly damaging the board and/or the card.

BIOS setup

To configure the EBX-12 to use the compact flash storage as the only disk, configure the BIOS as follows:

  1. Attach a keyboard and monitor
  2. Press the DEL key as the computer boots to enter BIOS configuration
  3. Press ENTER to enter configuration. In BIOS configuration, use the arrow keys to select an item, and use Page Up/Page Down to change the value.
  4. Assign drive letter C: to Ide 2, secondary master. Change other devices if not present to "None".
  5. Make sure that C: is in the Boot Order list, normally the only item
  6. Change Ide #2 to mode 3, AUTOCONFIG LBA. Change others to "Not installed".
  7. Press ESC
  8. Save the configuration and exit. The computer will reboot, using the CF as the boot device.

If the computer will not boot, but hangs at the "Wait..." stage displayed by the BIOS, reset the computer and enter BIOS configuration. Change Ide #2 to AUTOCONFIG PHYSICAL or manually set the geometry. See and for more information. (IDE DMA can be disabled via the ide=nodma Linux kernel boot parameter.)

Note that we normally provide a hard disk with the Cobra EBX-12 on most platforms. If you are contacting support and are using a Compact Flash instead, please mention that.

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