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RedHat Linux Network Configuration

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In Linux, eth1 is the 802.11b wireless interface, and eth0 is the wired interface (accessed through the cable jack on the robot side or top panel).

In Red Hat 7, most changes to the wired interface (eth0) are made by editing the file /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0. Usually the changes that need to be made here are to change the IP address, gateway, etc to work on your network. In Debian, the settings are changed by editing /etc/network/interfaces. Consult your IT people for details on what these settings should be.

The wireless interface's settings can be adjusted similarly, but in Red Hat, there are also things that may need to be changed in /etc/pcmcia/wireless.opts. In this file, you will see a section that looks like:

# For ActivMedia Robots - Orinoco, Cisco Aironet 350
INFO="Wavelan IEEE example (Lucent default settings)"
ESSID="Wireless Network"
#    KEY="s:secu1"
# To set all four keys, use :
#   KEY="s:secu1 [1] key s:secu2 [2] key s:secu3 [3] key s:secu4 [4] key [1]"

The settings that most commonly will need to be changed are the ESSID and the Mode.

You may also need to set up DNS servers in '/etc/resolv.conf'.

Consult your network administrator for details on specific settings.

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