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Pioneer LX Embedded Computer

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Contact us for support, including any problems with the computer, additional drivers, or detailed specifications not found in the manual.



The Pioneer LX contains an integrated control/computing module ("MTX Core" or "MTX Core Control System"). Some specifications for the computer included inside revision A of the MTX/LX core follow:

This computer includes a 64-bit CPU. As of December, 2014, MobileRobots installs 32-bit operating systems on all computers, but 64-bit packages are provided for some MobileRobots software. Customers may reinstall with a 64-bit operating system if desired, but this is not neccesary to use the Pioneer LX Embedded Computer.


Intel Atom D525 ("Pineview") 64-bit Dual-Core 1.8GHz.


2 GB DDR3-1066 RAM


16 GB solid state (SSD)


  1. The external ethernet interface ("MAINT LAN") is an Intel 82583V gigabit interface
  2. The internal ethernet interface ("USER LAN") is an Intel 82574L gigabit interface


Integrated Intel GMA 3150 (Gen3.5+) DirectX 9 support, OpenGL support, Pixel Shader v2.0.

(No OpenCL support.)


TI/Burr-Brown PCM2906 HD audio codec. The audio device is connected to the computer via a USB interface.

3.5mm (1/8") analog and optical S/PDIF digital output connectors, and 3.5mm (1/8") analog input ports are available on the side of the core.


3 external general purpose USB 2.0 ports.

USB interfaces are also used internally for serial (RS-232) interfaces and the audio device.


Two external general-purpose RS-232 serial ports are available via USB-serial interfaces.

USB-serial interfaces are also used internally for the robot, laser, battery, sonar and LCD screen/HMI connections.

See Pioneer LX Serial Ports and the Pioneer LX manual for details on how these are accessed from the OS and software.


Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235ANHMW (dual band) 802.11 a/b/g/n.

  • Windows 7 drivers (Check for latest version)
  • Linux drivers (iwlwifi) included standard in Linux


The computer also includes a Bluetooth interface (part of the Intel wifi chipset). It has not been well tested, please let us know if you have used it or have trouble with it.

Bluetooth support can be installed on Ubuntu Linux by installing the "bluetooth" metapackage:

 sudo apt-get install bluetooth

Use bluez-test-device and bluez-test-adapter to perform some basic tests. Some more information is at (though some of it is for older versions of Ubuntu.)


The computer is an integrated part of the robot control and computation core, and cannot be modified. Devices may be added via ethernet, RS-232 serial, or USB.

Digital and Analog I/O

Analog and digital IO are accessed via a special mtx driver on Linux. See MTX IO Interface for more information.

A programming API to the IO is available in ARIA.


Storage temperature is -20°C to 80°C (-40° F to 176° F).

Operating temperature is 0°C to 60°C (32° F to 140° F).

Product Information

Only available as integrated component of Pioneer LX
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