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What operating systems are supported for onboard computers?

Currently offered (As of June, 2013) are Windows XP Embedded, Debian 5, and Ubuntu 12.04 (depending on robot).

Previously supported were Windows 2000, Windows XP Pro, Debian 3.1, and RedHat Linux 7.3.

Most software can run on some other Linux distributions as well.

How do I determine whether my computer has Ubuntu, Debian or RedHat Linux?

The system type and version will be displayed at the console (accessible through the keyboard and monitor ports in the robot's side or top panel).

The lsb_release tool can also be used on newer versions of Ubuntu and Debian to identify the host system. Run lsb_release -a in a command shell or terminal to list all information about the system including Distributor (e.g. Debian or Ubuntu) and release version number and release version codename.

See Also

See Learning Linux for links to resources on getting started with Linux.

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