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No device interfaces appear in OS for computer serial ports

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If no device interfaces appear in the onboard computer operating system for the serial ports (if the OS can't detect them), then they may be disabled in the computer BIOS configuration.

If no OS interface is present for a serial port, you may receive an error message such as the following from ARIA:

ArSerialConnection::open: Could not get port data to set up port | ErrorFromOSNum : 5 ErrorFromOSString: Input/output error

On Linux, no device in /dev will be created for the device (e.g., /dev/ttyS2 for COM3 will be missing) and it will not be listed in any of the kernel logs (you may some COM ports detected in the output of the dmesg command, but not all, for example.)

On Windows, entries for the COM ports will be missing in the Device Manager (open from the Advanced tab of the System control panel.)

For example, if COM3 is disabled, then the ArRVisionPTZ camera interface will be unable to open the device:

ArRVisionPTZ: opening connection to camera on COM3...
ArSerialConnection::open: Could not get port data to set up port | ErrorFromOSNum  : 5 ErrorFromOSString: Input/output error
ArRVisionPTZ: error opening COM3 for camera PTZ control, initialization failed

Mamba EBX-37 Computer

The original Versalogic factory defaults for the Mamba EBX-37 computer have COM3 and COM4 disabled. These are enabled by MobileRobots during robot assembly, but if the computer has been reset to defaults or replaced, COM3 and COM4 may be disabled.

To enable COM3 and COM4, attach a monitor and keyboard to the computer. Enter the BIOS configuration screen by pressing DEL at computer boot. Use the left/right arrow keys to select the SIO section. Use the up/down keys to select the Enable/Disable field for each of COM3 and COM4, and use the +/- keys to change the value to Enable. Use the left/right arrow keys to select the Save/Exit section, choose the option to Save and exit, and confirm.

Other Serial Port Settings

See Computer Serial Port Configuration for more details on IRQ values and other serial port settings.

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