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Screen shot of MobileSim with three robots

MobileSim is software for simulating MobileRobots/ActivMedia platforms and their environments, for debugging and experimentation with ARIA. It replaces SRIsim previously distributed with ARIA.

MobileSim builds upon the Stage simulator, created by Richard Vaughan, Andrew Howard, and others, as part of the Player/Stage project, with some modifications by MobileRobots. Please see the README file for some known limitations, and report any suspected bugs to the aria-users mailing list.

MobileSim uses obstacle data from a MobileRobots map (.map) file to simulate walls and other obstacles in the environment. Use Mapper3 or Mapper3Basic to make maps. MobileSim uses the same map format as ARNL, SONARNL, and MOGS. It can use a map automatically generated by scanning the environment using a laser rangefinder, ARNL, and Mapper3, or you can survey an area manually and create the map using Mapper3Basic.

MobileSim has been tested on Windows 7, Ubuntu 12.04, and Ubuntu 14.04 (but may work with other versions of Ubuntu and other Linux distributions.) You can install binary packages for those platforms below, or build MobileSim from source code.

Download MobileSim

Image:Download_icon_bw.png MobileSim 0.7.5 - Windows (MobileSim-0.7.5.exe)

  • Run installer program as administrator account to install

Image:Download_icon_bw.png MobileSim 0.7.5 - Ubuntu 12.04.2 (precise) or later, 32-bit i386 architecture (mobilesim_0.7.5+ubuntu12_i386.deb)

  • Open file to install with Ubuntu Software Center, or use dpkg -i

Image:Download_icon_bw.png MobileSim Source Code 0.7.5 - Source code (in compressed TAR archive) (MobileSim-src-0.7.5.tar.gz)

  • Unpack and follow instructions inside

Image:Download_icon_bw.png MobileSim Source Code 0.7.5 - Source code (in compressed ZIP archive) (

  • Unpack and follow instructions inside


Image:Doc_icon_bw.png README

Image:Doc_icon_bw.png Change History

Previous Versions

Image:Folder_icon_bw.png Archived versions of MobileSim

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