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From this page you can download user operating and technical manuals for research and development platforms, accessories, and some software (complete software development library documentation is included with library installation -- see Software to download).

All documents are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Some manuals are only available to customers who purchased the relevant options, and are password protected. A password was included with the documentation included with your equipment when ordered. If you have lost your ID and password, Contact Support. (If you are not a customer but would like to view some manuals, please contact )

For additional tips and information not covered in the manuals, search this site or browse the Knowlege Base.


Robot Platforms

Current Robots

Pioneer 3 DX/AT Manual, 6th ed. rev. 5

(See also Errata/corrections)

AmigoBot™ Manual, revision 4.4
Pioneer LX Manual, rev. D or

Pioneer LX Manual, rev. C

PowerBot™ Manual, rev 10.
Seekur® Jr. Manual, 5th ed.

(See also Errata/corrections)

Seekur® Manual, 3rd Revision

(See also Errata/corrections)

PeopleBot™ Manual, 8th ed. rev. 2

Older Robots

Research PatrolBot® (3rd generation, white) Rev A. Research PatrolBot® (1st/2nd generations, grey) Manual, 5th ed.
Research GuiaBot™ Manual, 1st ed.

H8-type Pioneer 3 (and some Pioneer 2's) with AROS, C166 Pioneer 2 with P2OS, Pioneer 1 (See Robot Firmware for explanation of differences):

(If you are wondering what the difference between SH and H8 systems are, read the explanation here)


MobileRobots Software

Accessory and Device Quick Start Guides

These guides explain how to assemble, connect and get started using some optional robot accessory devices. For more accessory information, see the Knowlege Base or Contact Support.

Detailed Device Manuals

Cameras, Pan/tilt units, and Vision

Communications and Networking

Onboard Computers

Current computers:

  • Corvalent Q87IX used in Pioneer 3, Seekur Jr., and secondary computer in LX Manipulator.

Previous computers:

  • Mamba EBX-37 (A, F, S, E models; with 2.26 GHz dual-core (Core 2 Duo CPU) in Seekur, Seekur Jr., PeopleBot or Pioneer) rev. 12-09-10
  • 965-ATX (1.8 GHz dual-core in Powerbot)
  • Cobra EBX-12 (with 1.6 GHz [EBX-12d] or 1.3 GHz [EBX-12g] Pentium M CPU in PatrolBot, GuiaBot and in some Seekurs, Pioneers)
  • Phoenix ATX-G (Powerbot)

Older computers:

Laser Rangefinders

GPS Receivers


Other Accessories

For more accessory information, see the Knowlege Base

For old and possibly out of date manuals, see the Documentation Attic

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