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Pioneer Mobile Robots Community, Knowledge Base, and Support Site for Research and Education Customers

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  • ARIA libraries 2.9.1 and ARNL, SONARNL and MOGS 1.9.2 have been released with bug fixes, misc features and changes. Ubuntu 16.04 packages are now available.1 November 2016
  • Temporary Email Service Interruption 21 Jan. - 24 Jan. 2016 Due to relocating some IT facilities, we will be unable to receive or send email on Thursday, 21 January through Sunday, 24 January, 2016. We expect to have working email by Monday. If you have an urgent problem or inquiry during that time, you can send it to (19 January 2016)
  • ARIA 2.9.0, ARNL, SONARNL and MOGS 1.9.0 as well as ArVideo, speech synthesis, and arm libraries, have been released for Linux and Windows.
  • ARIA 2.8.1 and BaseArnl 1.8.1 have been released for Linux with various bug fixes. 8 November, 2013
  • ARIA 2.8.0, ARNL, SONARNL and MOGS 1.8.0 and all other libraries have been released for Linux to support the new Pioneer LX robot. Posted 23 August 2013
  • ARIA 2.7.5 and ARNL, SONARNL and MOGS 1.7.5 have been released with some fixes and improvements. Posted 12 June 2012
  • ARIA 2.7.4 and BaseArnl 1.7.4 have been released. These releases add support for new laser rangefinders (the SICK LMS-500, S-300 and S-3000, and the Keyence SZ16D), and include some other minor improvements. See ARIA and ARNL, SONARNL and MOGS pages to download. Posted 21 March 2012
  • ARIA 2.7.3 and ARNL/SONARNL/MOGS 1.7.3 have been released. These releases add support for the SCIP 2.0 protocol used by the URG laser device, and fix some minor issues with the LMS1xx laser. In addition, packages for Debian 5.x (both 32 and 64 bit) are now provided. (RedHat 7.3 packages no longer provided.) ARIA ; ARNL, SONARNL and MOGS Posted 8 September 2011
  • MobileRobots Inc. is now Adept Mobile Robots MobileRobots has been acquired by Adept Technologies. Press release... Posted 6 July 2010
  • ARIA 2.7.2 Released ARIA 2.7.2 has been released. This is an update to 2.7.1 which adds Seekur Jr. support and fixes a bug in the ArLaser class. BaseArnl 1.7.2 has also been released, which contains ARIA 2.7.2 (no other changes). More details... Posted 7 Jan. 2010)
  • New Software Released MobileRobots has released new versions of all research software, including: ARIA 2.7.0; ARNL, SONARNL and MOGS 1.7.0; MobileEyes 2.2.4; Mapper3 2.2.5 and Mapper3Basic 2.2.5; MobileSim 0.5. See Release Announcement 090501. (Posted 1 May 2009)
  • MobileRobots has moved As of March 1, 2009, MobileRobots has relocated, from 19 Columbia Drive, Amherst NH, to 10 Columbia Drive, Amherst NH, 03031, USA. Please start using the new address for all future mail or packages. (Posted 17 Feb. 2009)
Here you can find resources to help you in using, maintaining and troubleshooting your Adept Mobile Robots or ActivMedia research mobile robot development platform and software, including help with Pioneer 2/3 DX and AT, Pioneer LX, AmigoBot, PowerBot, Seekur, Seekur Jr., PeopleBot, Research PatrolBot and GuiaBot robots, and with ARIA, ArNetworking, ARNL, SONARNL, MOGS, MobileSim, MobileEyes, Mapper3, and other software. We welcome your comments, suggestions, and error reports regarding this site. If you find any inaccurate, missing, or confusing information, please contact us.


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Help, Questions and Discussion

  • Image:Help_icon_bw.png Use the aria-users Mailing List for help and discussion using Aria, Arnl/Sonarnl/MOGS, and all other development software libraries
  • Image:Help_icon_bw.png Use the pioneer-users Mailing List for general discussion with other users of Pioneer and MobileRobots platforms
  • Image:Email_icon_bw.png Contact Support directly for troubleshooting or repair of your robot or accessory hardware

If you are not a research/education MobileRobots customer, but are instead a user, integrator, reseller or partner with an Omron, Adept or Motivity industrial mobile robot such as LD, Lynx, MT400, MT490, Speciminder, LaserPlans, ARCS Core, Motivity Core, ADAM, etc., or for support with non-mobile Omron Adept Technologies industrial robot arms and controls, please visit instead.
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