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Corvalent Q87IX Onboard Computer

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Contact us for support, including any problems with the computer, additional drivers, or detailed specifications not found in the manual.



The Corvalent Q87IX is a Mini-ITX single-board computer incorporating Intel BD92Q87 integrated chipsets with an 4th-generation (Haswell) i5 CPU. (Q87IX is the Mini-ITX version of the Corvalent Q87 line of SBCs)


The standard CPU for this computer is an Intel i5-4590T (2.0 GHz) quad-core 64-bit CPU. The computer can also use an i7 or i3 CPU by special order.


DDR3 dual channel, unbuffered non ECC. 4x DIMM sockets; default is 8GB (2 X 4GB DIMMs), more may be added or ordered.


SATA solid state disk (SSD)


  1. The first ethernet interface (external robot port) is an Intel i217LM gigabit PHY interface
  2. The second ethernet interface (internal, used for ethernet accessory devices) is an Intel i211AT gigabit controller interface


Integrated Intel HD Graphics 4600.

Has OpenGL 4.2 support, DirectX 11.2/12 support, OpenCL 1.2 support.

A VGA connector is on the exterior of the robot, DVI and HDMI connectors are located on the computer board inside the robot.


Realtek ALC662 with line in, microphone in, and stereo line out, jacks located on the computer inside the robot.


4 USB 2.0 interfaces, 2 USB 3.0 interface. Three USB connectors are available on the exterior of the robot, the rest are accessible inside the robot on the computer board.


Two RS-232 serial ports are available; the first port is always used to connect to the robot controller. The second port can also be configured for RS422/485. DSUB-9 ports are on the computer board inside the robot. Two additional RS232 interfaces are available on headers on the computer board as well.


Atheros ATH928X wifi adapter on mini-PCIe card.

PCI Express

A PCI Express x16 slot is available, but with restricted space in a Pioneer 3 or Seekur Jr., (must be half-height or less, its bracket may require modification to fit, etc.). When in PowerBot, most full-size PCI cards should fit.


Storage temperature is -40°C to 80°C (-40° F to 176° F).

Operating temperature is 0°C to 60°C (32° F to 140° F).

Product Information

September 2016
Available in Pioneer 3-DX and Pioneer 3-AT as of September 2016; availability in Seekur Jr. and PowerBot to follow. Not available in PatrolBot, PeopleBot or Seekur.


To enable the boot selection menu while booting, hold the F7 key while booting.

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