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Corvalent 965-AT Onboard Computer

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The Corvalent 965-ATX computer is a dual core full-size ATX computer used in PowerBot. It replaced the older Corvalent Phoenix computer for PowerBot.

Contact us for support, including any problems with the computer, additional drivers, or detailed specifications not found in the manual.



General information is available at


Download the 965-ATX computer manual at

Overview and Notes

See the computer manual for more detailed specifications.


Two ethernet interfaces are available. Each interface may be enabled and disabled in the BIOS South Bridge configuration options, in the Chipset section. If the second ethernet port is not enabled (the OS does not detect it, and its LED indicators do not light when connected to a network), try enabling it in the BIOS.


The computer comes standard with two 1-GB RAM modules, for a total of 2GB. The maximum amount supported by the computer is 8GB.


Four Type-A USB connectors are available on the exterior of the computer, in the robot's side access panel. Six additional USB interfaces are available on the computer board. See the computer manual for header locations and details.


The 965-ATX provides several standard PCI-express expansion slots. Do NOT use the slot labelled "BUS NON MASTER", most cards will not work in this slot.

Serial I/O

Two RS-232 serial port DB-9 connectors are available on the exterior of the computer in the side access panel. COM1 is the bottom port, and is used for communication with the PowerBot. COM2 is the top port, and is used for the SICK LMS-200 laser, or is free if no laser or a different laser is used on the robot. Two additional interfaces (COM3 and COM4) are available on the board. See the computer manual for locations. DB-9 adapter cables are provided with the robot.

Product Information

Corvalent Phoenix ATX-G Onboard Computer
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