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For Omron Adept Motivity products (Lynx, MT400, MT490, Motivity Core, ARCS Core, ADAM, ARAM): Contact Adept support here for help instead.

If you have questions about development software such as ARIA, ARNL, etc.:

  • Try searching this site or browse the page categories, such as the Programming category, or the FAQ
  • Refer to your robot manual, and software reference documentation installed with the software
  • Search the archives of the aria-users mailing list
  • Search the web.
  • Send your question to the aria-users mailing list. Another user may respond if and when we can.
  • If you are unable to find a solution via the above methods, submit your query using the form below

If you have a question about using your research/development robot hardware platform or accessory such as Pioneer 1, 2 or 3, PeopleBot, PowerBot, Research PatrolBot, Seekur, Seekur Jr., AmigoBot, or Pioneer LX:

You may also search the archives of the pioneer-users mailing list, or send your question to the pioneer-users mailing list. Another user may respond if possible.

* Your Name:
Name of University, College, or Company:
* E-Mail:
Robot Model:
Pioneer 3 DX
Pioneer 3 AT
Pioneer LX
Seekur Jr.
Research PatrolBot
Research GuiaBot
Other (please describe):
* Robot Serial Number:

The serial number can be usually be found next to the power switch, inside the battery door, on the bottom of an Amigobot, or on the Registration sheet.

Robot firmware (P2OS, AmigOS, AmigOSH, AROS or ARCOS) Version Number (if known):
Onboard Computer Operating System:
Remote/Offboard Computer Operating System:
* Short description of problem:
* Describe the problem in detail:

Please provide as much detail as possible, such as:

  • exact copies of all relevant log, warning and error messages that you receive
  • step-by-step description of the procedure that results in the error
  • indicators of robot state such as sounds/beeps, LED state, LCD panel messages and indicators, etc.
  • models of hardware
  • versions of software

* Marked fields are required

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