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Connect and boot from CD-ROM drive on Versalogic Cobra EBX-12 computer

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You can connect a standard IDE (ATAPI) CD-ROM drive to a Versalogic Cobra EBX-12 onboard computer, for example to install software or a new operating system.

The Cobra EBX-12 computer does not support SATA drives. It also cannot easily boot from USB storage (thumb drivers) or most DVDs, use a regular CD-ROM disc.

Check the manual for your computer for the location of its IDE ports. Computer manuals can be found under "Onboard Computers" on the Manuals page. The Cobra EBX-12 has two IDE ports near one edge of the board. The primary port is used for the hard disk.

The computer is mounted in the front "nose" of Pioneer and PeopleBot robots, and under the top plate of a PowerBot. Check your robot operations manual for instructions on opening the robot.

You can leave the hard disk connected as the primary IDE device, and connect the CD-ROM drive to the second IDE channel (as secondary master) on the computer motherboard, or as the primary slave on the second connector on the hard disk's IDE cable.

Power the CDROM drive from a separate ATX computer power supply if working with a Pioneer robot (the Powerbot contains a standard ATX power supply and can power a CDROM drive).

File:Pioneer3 Cobra Onboard Computer With CDROM.JPG

After connecting IDE and power, configure the computer BIOS as follows ("General Software Pentium M Embedded BIOS 5.3.111"):

  1. Enter the BIOS setup on boot by pressing DEL
  2. Choose Basic CMOS Configuration
  3. Under ATA DRV ASSIGNMENT, change Ide 2: (if primary slave) or Ide 3: (if secondary master) to IDE CDROM
  4. Under BOOT ORDER, change Boot 1st: to CDROM. You can also set Boot 2nd to Drive C if you want, or change Boot 1st back to Drive C after using the CDROM.
  5. You can assign the CDROM (IDE 2 or 3) a drive letter such as "D" for Windows and for the BOOT ORDER section as well by changing the Drive D: entry under DRIVE ASSIGNMENT ORDER
  6. Press Escape
  7. Choose Write To CMOS And Exit

The BIOS will print "Searching for El Torito bootable image... Found bootable image" after the PCI Device Table if it finds a bootable CDROM.

Make sure that the media you are attempting to use is a CDROM (CD-R or CD-RW), and not a DVD.

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