Aironet 350 Configuration

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PCI Configuration Tool

To enable WEP on the Cisco Aironet PCI card that shipped with some PowerBot robots with full-size AT computers, use the tools in /opt/cisco/bin. The acu program will let you change the wireless settings on the card. To enable security:

cd /opt/cisco/bin

Choose the 'CEM/Enter Wep Key' menu item. The default password is "Cisco". Choose the strength of encryption that you want to use, either 40- or 128-bit. Type a key into the field. If you want to use the 5-byte key "abcde" you would enter "6162636465". You can type "man ascii" at a prompt to get a listing of the hex values for the bytes. Click OK when you have entered the key.

Choose the 'Commands/Edit Properties' menu item. Under the "Network Security" tab, click "enable WEP", "Shared Key Authentication". Click ok and the new settings should take effect.


The driver for the PC-104-to-PCMCIA card interface used on EBX computers in Pioneer robots is provided by the i82365 Linux 2.4 kernel module. Verify this is loaded before loading the modules for the wireless card. Often on newer distributions, after loading this module, the correct wireless modules will be autoloaded for you. To load the i82365 driver, use this command:

modprobe i82365

Then load the wireless card driver for the Aironet 350:

modprobe airo_cs

add entries to /etc/modules to load these modules on boot.

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